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How Archival Practitioners can do Research

Broadly speaking, research is a “goal-directed problem-solving activity” (Bruce Archer, 1965). When I first read this definition I thought “well hell, that means every person is engaging in research everyday”. The main difference between a practitioner and a researcher appeared to be that one did research in an informal way and the other formalised it… Read More How Archival Practitioners can do Research

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Being an Activist Archivist

The Australian Society of Archivists’ 2017 conference explored the theme of ‘Diverse Worlds’ and had an element of activism throughout. The conference featured two keynotes passionate about decolonising the archival space (Jarrett Drake and Verne Harris) and had a strong Indigenous Australian focus. The conference reinforced Cassie Findlay’s view that: “[Archivist/recordkeepers] have a unique view… Read More Being an Activist Archivist