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5 Signs You Should Start a Blog 

  1. You enjoy writing.

Yes this is painfully obvious but bears repeating- blogging as a medium requires writing. Maintaining a blog requires a lot of writing. If writing is your thing, creating and maintaining a blog will come more naturally to you, and can even become your creative outlet!

  1. You have something to say.

You like engaging mentally with your subject matter and don’t just accept things without thinking for yourself. Blogging allows these thoughts and ideas to be captured and considered further. Blogging fosters a process of engaging with your ideas through representing them before engaging with others on the topics. This process is incredibly beneficial in terms of both your personal and professional development.

  1. You want to connect.

By putting your ideas out there you are allowing others to get to know you and you naturally start to form a community of people who have interests that compliment your own. I owe my friendship with one of my closest workmates to my blog post on the importance of optimism for enabling change. It is important to realise that your capacity to connect with others is limited if you just engage in conversations on your own blog. You will be most effective at connecting with others if you engage with the posts of your fellow bloggers by joining their conversations.

  1. You are willing to learn.

As with any new medium – there is a learning curve when you establish a blog. Luckily, with platforms such as WordPress you can set up a new blog for free within a matter of minutes. As such, the technical learning curve is not necessarily the main challenge, but rather the style of writing and the tricks involved in getting people to read what you’ve gone to the effort to create.

  1. You are passionate.

Being passionate about your subject matter is essential.

If you want to take your blog seriously you do need to be passionate about your subject matter. Really think about it before deciding upon a theme for your blog – as you have to be passionate about the subject matter if you want it to be a success. For example, if blogging is the medium for you – but you don’t want to be limited to writing about your work – then consider creating a personal blog which has your work as a category.


Did one or more of these points resonate with you? Maybe you should consider establishing a blog of your own!

If you would like to be sure before investing your time, I strongly encourage you to write a guest post on someone else’s blog to get a feel for what is involved.

If you aren’t interested in maintaining your own blog, but every now and then feel like communicating your ideas in more than 140 characters, get in touch to post on here.


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